Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to charter the yacht for a whole week? Can I book my yacht for 3 or 4 days, for example?

Yes, it is possible for guests to book a private charter for less than a week. We allow for a minimum of 5 days. During high season for tours of less than 7 days, a supplementary charge is incurred to help us cover the days when the yacht is unoccupied.

Cabin charters operate on a weekly basis, Saturday to Saturday.

Is 5 days too long? Will we have enough to do?

There is plenty to do on board. In fact, by the time you are due to disembark we are pretty sure that you won’t want to leave! Your itinerary will be designed to take you to the places you most want to go and include activities and optional tours that suit the interests of your group to a tee. You will probably find that even doing nothing but relaxing on the water, swimming and enjoying your chef’s mouthwatering cuisine will have you losing your sense of time and wishing you’d booked for longer!

Can we choose our route?

The beauty of our Private Yacht Charters is that each trip is completely tailor made. Routes, itineraries, extra activities, excursions and menus are all designed to precisely suit your group -as well as giving you the freedom of spontaneity.

Routes on our Luxury Cabin Charters are fixed. We offer a wide range of activities and optional excursions to meet all interests however diverse the group may be. Prior to confirming a cabin charter we communicate at length with guests in order to make sure the proposed route suits all and creates the optimum shared cruise experience.

Is there a crew on board?

Each of our yachts has a crew of between 3 and 5 people. This includes your captain, a first mate, deck hand(s) and chef. Crews have their own separate sleeping quarters on the yacht.

Do the crew speak English?

All captains and crew members, except our chefs, speak English.

Are there any additional charges to the fee for Private Yacht Charter?

Greek island harbor fees are extra.

Optional touring where entrance fees or the service of a guide and/or van are needed are extra.

Optional restaurants off the yacht are not included in the price, but meals off board will be deducted from the catering fees. Restaurants on shore require reservations.

Drinks are extra and prices are based on consumption.

What is cabin charter?

Guests book luxury cabin only. A full crew and chef will take care of you throughout your trip. Cabin charters are based on a 7 day cruise with a fixed itinerary. You will join other guests on board for a shared Blue Cruise experience.

How are Cabin Charters priced?

Fees for Cabin Charter are set per cabin.

Prices vary according to season, so be sure to ask once you know your dates.

Meals and drinks (water, soft drinks and local alcoholic beverages) are included.

Who are the other guests I will be traveling with on a cabin charter?

Our clientele is multinational. We aim to bring groups of like-minded people together on our Cabin Charters. We also coordinate each cruise with respect to the ages of guests.

Can Neyzen organize and make my flight and hotel reservations?

Yes, most of our clients do combine a Neyzen land tour with one of our Yacht Charter Blue Cruises. The optimal time frame for a combination tour like this is 12-14 days. We suggest overland tours in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus and Bodrum. Our yacht charters also start out from Bodrum.

Is Yacht Charter suitable for kids?

The sizes of our gulets, plus their on-board space, offer both children and parents a sense of freedom and safety at the same time. Our crews are used to watching out for kids and upon your request will happily take them swimming and provide other activities and entertainment when possible.

What about safety on board?

Life vests for children and adults are stowed under the cabin beds for easy access. Fire extinguishers are located in the lounge, engine room, and kitchen. A fire escape is situated in each yacht's front hallway. A First Aid kit is stored at the bar.

Each yacht has life saving rings on deck and a dinghy with motor. Decks are fenced for safety.

Can we access doctors and hospitals in an emergency?

From port to port, wherever your yacht is we have well-established relationships with doctors and hospitals should any member of your group need them.

All our captains have First Aid Training.

Do I need insurance?

Each guest must have adequate travel insurance to cover any possible or necessary medical attention.

Can I sleep on the deck?


Is the yacht air conditioned?

Yes, all our yachts are fully air conditioned and each cabin has individual climate control. The A/C may run all night long. Generally it runs from 4 p.m. and is switched off at 11 a.m. when guests tend to spend the day on deck.

Is there a chef on board?

Yes, each yacht has a chef on board for the duration of your cruise.

Do you cater for special diets and food requirements?

Yes, our chefs cater to unique dietary requirements such as gluten and dairy free, as well as vegetarian and vegan options. Meat in Turkey is Halal and we can also cater to requests for Kosher menus. Please inform our team of any special requests or particular allergies/conditions prior to your visit. Private Charter guests will receive a catering list of preferences on booking confirmation.

What are the costs of food and drink?

The cost for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a diverse menu (e.g. dinner of seafood, leg of lamb, filet mignon, etc.) is 45 EURO per person. Meals for children up to 12 years are half price.

On Private Yacht Charters, drinks are stocked according to guests’ requests. Guests pay only for what is consumed at the end of the tour.

On Cabin Charter, meals, local beer and wine, all soft drinks, juice and water are included in the charter fee.

Is there disabled access on board?

Yes, with the assistance of our crew, persons with disabilities are able to feel comfortable and move around on board our yachts.

Will I be able to go fishing?

Yes. Spear fishing and trawling a line is something many of our guests enjoy. Professional or licensed fishing is prohibited between May 15 and October 15 each year.

Do you provide plug adapters on board? Television? Snorkel equipment?

We provide plug adapters and snorkel equipment. There is television and a DVD player with a DVD library on board (for all ages).

Will the gulet yacht we charter actually sail?

Yes, all our crews are experienced sailors and love to sail. The best time for sailing in the Aegean is between May and October.

Which is the best route?

The most popular itineraries are Greek Island Hopping and the Turkish Turquoise Coast with the Greek Island of Simi.